To our clients we say, “You don’t have to do it alone”. To our community we say,“We can’t do it alone”.

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Comprehensive, holistic services assist residents to identify and address the myriad challenges in transitioning back to society. Since opening our first halfway house, our programs have served more than 2,780 men and women in early recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction. Our success will always be measured in the personal accounts of our residents overcoming the terrible situation of their addictions.

Here are a few of our testimonials from former clients and others:

Bea, a program graduate in 2011, is one such former resident …

Bea has three grown children and was recently divorced from an abusive spouse.  Bea was coming to Gale Recovery for the second time. The first time, she was mandated by the courts to enter a halfway house. In spite of being suspended from her professional career as a nurse, she did not truly believe she was an alcoholic. Bea stayed in the program several months and then returned home. Within a few months, she had been convicted of driving under the influence and again sentenced to jail.

Following her release, Bea completed another inpatient program. This time she came to Gale Recovery by choice. She attended meetings, developed a plan for relapse prevention and addressed her co-dependency issues, including breaking off her destructive relationship. Her counselor who had worked with her previously, called her “a different woman.” Bea committed to staying at Gale Recovery for six months. Soon her license was reinstated by her professional board, and she was able to return to employment as an RN. At the time of her graduation from our program, she had saved enough money to pay her debts and make a deposit on a home purchase. She has since completed the settlement process and moved into a safe, secure and independent home of her own.

Including Bea, in 2011 Gale Recovery, Inc. provided residential substance abuse treatment services to 141 men and women (82 men and 59 women), increasing our overall residential occupancy rate from 83% to 89% this year. Of these individuals, 30 remained in treatment at the end of the year while 111 clients completed their program or were discharged during the year:

  • 73% of all participants were abstinent at discharge.
  • On average, we increased the number of participants who remained at least 90 days in the program from 42% in FY10 to 47% this year.
  • 31% of those who completed or were discharged during the year, fulfilled  the majority of their treatment plan and successfully graduated  from the program.
  • 42% of clients stayed in treatment at least 90 days, the minimum amount of treatment time needed to begin a recovery lifestyle.
  • 56% of all program participants were able to access mental health counseling, including medication management as applicable in addition to primary substance abuse treatment services prior to completion or discharge.
  • 58% obtained full or partial employment prior to exiting the program.

In treating substance abuse, the early days of recovery are critical.  It takes from 3 to 6 months to replace an unhealthy habit with a healthy one. In FY11, residents stayed an average of 94 days in the program, an agency-wide increase over the last five years.


I got sick of finding ways and means to get more, now I find ways and means to get more recovery.


Thank you so much for all the kindness you have given to our son …  People like you who help those who have not been able to help themselves have a place reserved in heaven.  I consider you a friend because you also love my son.  May God bless you always.


In the beginning I hated being here, I finally realized that if the program wasn’t structured the way it is, I wouldn’t have gotten anything out of it.  My experience here has been, very inspiring & educational. It has really changed my life in so many ways.


I can do everything I want in life without that liquid curse.


This program taught me to look inside myself… at my feelings and how to properly positively deal with them.  It also made me grow up and have standards and goals in my life once again.


Being here helped me to live a new kind of life, it has gotten me back into society, become independent and self supporting.  I am forever grateful.


Made me go through my thinking process, patterns and old behaviors that were harmful.  Helped me to develop new solutions and change my actions and lifestyle.


Worked wonders for me, when I look at what I was like when I came here and what I am like now, it’s a miracle. Thank you for my new way of life.


Any man who can come here is truly blessed with a great opportunity.  The staff really believes in you and supports you through all the trials of early recovery.


I was treated with the greatest of respect. The care and compassion from the staff was outstanding.


My recovery works for me, and I think that says a lot about the people that helped me to get where I am today.


When I arrived at Gale House, I truly believed that I was hopeless, you not only accepted me as I was, you gave me your  support and guidance.  I have grown so much from the experience of being in the program, it taught me not to give up,  there is hope. Today I would not give up my sobriety for anything.