To our clients we say, “You don’t have to do it alone”. To our community we say,“We can’t do it alone”.

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Intake Process

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Required at Intake (What to Bring):

  1. If you are in an inpatient program, please review this document with your inpatient treatment counselor after your interview at Gale Recovery, Inc.
  2. A minimum of a 30-day supply of your Medications and/or Refill Prescriptions is required. Only medications listed on our medication form are permitted at intake. Note: it can take a month or more to see a community doctor for medication management.
  3. Storage space is limited; bring only a 7 to 10 day supply of clothing and other belongings. Gale Recovery, Inc. is not responsible for lost or stolen items. A storage locker ($10 refundable deposit) is available for small items.
  4. It is helpful if you are able to bring identification documents with you at admission including driver’s license or non-drivers ID card, and Social Security card. If you have access to your birth certificate, that is also helpful.
  5. Vehicles must be pre-approved by counselor and must be registered, insured and otherwise street legal. Your driver’s license must be in good standing before you bring a vehicle onto or remove a vehicle from our property.
  6. Do not bring mouthwashes or cologne containing alcohol.
  7. Electronics (DVD players, laptops) are not permitted during the entry phase of your admittance and cannot be secured by staff.
  8. Drugs, alcohol, or weapons found at any time during your residency will be confiscated/disposed of, and can result in immediate discharge from the program.

Intake Process

  1. During your intake appointment, you will meet with the Admission Coordinator and/or with the House Manager to complete intake paperwork and receive an orientation to the house and program.
  2. You will meet with the House Manager for approximately 2 hours; your meeting will include:
    1. Review of Welcome Packet
    2. Introduction to Program Rules and Policies
    3. Medication Check-In
    4. Community Referrals
    5. Bed and Chore Assignment
    6. House Orientation and Tour
  3. The House Manager will introduce you to your primary counselor; generally this will be later that evening or by the next business day.
  4. Gale Recovery, Inc. functions as a clinical team. However, you will work most closely with your primary counselor; and during your weekly meetings you will develop a recovery treatment plan which focuses on your eventual transition from our program back to the community. Our services are generally available for 3 to 6 months while you move through program phases (read more about program phases).

Referrals: 9 AM to 4 PM Weekdays

Contact:  Kevin Chinery

Referral Direct Line/Voicemail: (301) 606-3396

Fax: (301) 631-0768