To our clients we say, “You don’t have to do it alone”. To our community we say,“We can’t do it alone”.

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Your generosity enables us to continue offering life-saving residential treatment to men and women in our community who are on the path to recovery from substance abuse.

Since 1976, the Wells House and Wells House @ Gale Recovery have been leading non-profit providers of addiction treatment services in Washington and Frederick Counties. Our mission is to help adult men and women recover from the devastation of the disease of substance abuse. We are also dedicated to the prevention of this deadly disease and we know that early education and intervention are critical to that prevention.  We are committed to increasing our efforts to educate local students about the dangers of substance abuse and bring awareness of our local substance abuse issues to our counties residents. In 2016 we are celebrating 40 years of service to our respective communities.

 Giving  Donation Levels:

$35 – welcome kit of complete set of bed and bath linens for new patients

$50 – 1 month of public transportation to and from school and work per patient

$100 – 1 month co-pay for medically assisted treatment prescription for 30 patients

$250 –  5 patient consults per month with U of Md. Psychiatric Doctors via tele-medicine

$500 – GED classes, books, and testing for GED certification for two residential patients

$750 –  4 days of food and lodging for 3 residential patients

$1000 – 1 week of counseling, consisting of 3 group and 1 private session for 5 patients

$2500 – sponsors a community “Substance Abuse Awareness Town Hall” for up to 400 attendees

Donate Now Online

Wells House@Gale Recovery uses the respected company, Just Give, to process credit card donations. With Just Give, you can be assured of your privacy and security. Please click the Donate Now button below to make an online donation.

To our patients we say “You don’t have to do this alone”….To our community we say “We can’t do this alone”….

You can hold a supply drive, fundraiser to purchase supplies, or work with local merchants to obtain donated items or discounted purchases. We are especially in need of Gift Cards from $10 to $25 for local merchants which can be used to purchase a variety of needed program supplies or to assist residents in establishing their households after graduation.